Legal Interpreting

Amerigo Global offers the best in professional legal interpreting in courts, depositions, legal consults and other legal venues to clients in Arkansas and across the United States. When it comes to legal interpreting we know that justice is at stake. Accurate legal interpreting is an absolute must, whether in the courtroom or in your law office’s conference room. To ensure absolute accuracy, Amerigo works with a diverse group of Court Certified legal interpreters, in a variety of languages and fields of specialization.

The Right Legal Interpreter for Your Needs.

Not only do you require someone who speaks a foreign language such as Spanish or Chinese, you need an interpreter that understands legal terminology, the terminology of the particular case, and the vernacular of all parties involved. Clear communication in a bilingual legal setting can only be properly facilitated by truly bilingual and bicultural legal interpreters. Our court certified legal interpreting experts are ready to help you communicate completely and accurately in any venue and language.

Ethical Legal Interpreters

Amerigo Global’s Professional Legal Interpreters honor three important rules in ethical interpreting: Fidelity in Interpreting, Confidentiality and Impartiality. We know that you must place immense trust in legal interpreters, and we work every day to earn that trust by adhering to the highest standard of ethics in legal interpreting.

Legal Interpreting Services

  • Court Interpreting
  • Court Hearing Interpretation
  • Mediation Interpreters
  • Deposition Interpreters
  • Arbitration Interpreters
  • Litigation Interpreters
  • Legal Consult Interpreting