Mental Health Hospital Interpreting

Improving Patient Care with Professional Mental Health Interpreters

Effective mental health care depends on accurate communication with patients and their families. Inadequate communication with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Patients restricts their access to and understanding of mental health services, profoundly impacting the quality of their assessment, treatment and care. Access to culturally and linguistically appropriate information is also vital in educating and supporting patients’ families.

Decreasing Risk

Lack of ability to communicate with LEP patients increases the risk of diagnostic or treatment errors, hampers mental health professionals’ ability to monitor mental illness symptoms and negatively affects the patient’s compliance with treatment.

Clear Communication Through Professional Interpreting

Amerigo Global’s professional mental health interpreters empower both the mental health professional and the LEP patient with the ability to clearly and fully communicate with one another. Our interpreters’ dedication to the mental health profession, coupled an extensive knowledge of mental health terminology in both English and the target language allows for the best possible communication experience for patient and provider.

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