Thai Interpreters & Translators

Professional Thai Translation

Your Thai translation will be handled in-country by Amerigo’s Thai Translators, all of whom are well educated, native speakers of Thai with extensive experience in medical Thai translation, legal Thai translation, business Thai translation, financial Thai translation and many other fields. Before choosing Amerigo Global, or any other company, here are a few things that you should know:

Thai Translation: Expectations

Every language has a different word economy. By that we mean that it takes a different number of words to express the same concept from language to language. For this reason, particular paragraphs in your document may be shorter or longer when translated into Thai. Thus, your Thai document translation may appear slightly different from your source document. If your document includes images or graphics, they may need to be adjusted to accommodate the word economy of the translated document. We strive to be as faithful to the source document’s layout as we can and will keep you informed of any major changes to the layout as they occur.

The Thai Writing System

The Thai script is an abugida script, in which vowels are implied. As Thai is a tonal language, tonal markers are placed above consonants, giving the reader information on what tone the word takes. Thai script is believed to have descended from the Brahmic script from ancient India.

Thai Facts:

  • Language Family: Tai-Kadai
  • Total Speakers: 60 million
  • Writing System: Thai Script
  • Spoken in: Thailand, Northern Malaysia, Cambodia, Southern Myanmar, Laos, USA, Canada, France and England