Legal Document Translation

Accuracy is paramount to your legal translation of contracts, legal documents, foreign correspondence, birth certificates and marriage certificates. Because so much hinges on accurate legal translation, Amerigo Global works with only the most qualified, experienced and educated legal document translators from around the world. We know you need experts in your field.

Amerigo Global promises that all of your legal documents will be treated with confidentiality, accuracy, timeliness and expertise- each and every time.

Amerigo Language Solutions translates the following legal documents:

  • Corporate Law Translation
  • Criminal Law Translation
  • Energy, Oil and Gas Law Translation
  • Immigration Law Translation
  • International Law Translation
  • Labor Law Translation
  • Real Estate Law Translation

Legal Website Localization & Translation

No matter the specialization or location of your legal practice, chances are you have clients  residing in or from foreign countries whose native language is not English. Professionally translating your website could be the key to generating new client leads or to communicating with existing international clients. Law practices with localized websites will find demonstrable increases in lead generation from members of non-English speaking communities.

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