Medical Document Translation

Addressing your community’s medical needs has never been more complex. Hospitals and clinics across the United States are reporting record numbers of non-English speaking patients, necessitating the provision of medical document translation in a number of foreign languages. Medical document translation is not to be taken lightly. Errors or omissions in medical document translation can create unnecessary, even deadly, risk to your patients. That’s why choosing a medical document translation service that prides itself in accurate, timely translations is so important.

Why choose Amerigo Global?

Diverse Hospitals, Clinics, Mental Health and Fertility Services choose and trust Amerigo Global’s Medical Translation Services. Our group of expert medical translators provides confidential, accurate and timely medical document translations that help medical professionals treat and communicate with their LEP (Limited English Proficiency) patients in ways not previously possible. As you well know, in all areas of health care, accurate communication is essential.

Medical Interpreting Services

In addition to professional medical document translation services, Amerigo Global provides full-service, on-site medical interpreting services in a number of foreign languages. The combination of document translation and interpreting services assures your medical facility can comprehensively communicate with your LEP patient community. Find out more.

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Amerigo Global helps medical facilities ensure that they are fully compliant with Title VI of the Civil Rights act, which prohibits exclusion from participation in, denial of benefits of, and discrimination under Federally assisted programs on ground of race, color, or national origin. Discrimination based on a person’s ability to speak read write or understand English can be considered a type of National Origin Discrimination.

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